About Me

I am available for ceremony creation (including ceremonies using video conferencing) that meets the safety guidelines in this time of physical distancing. Although we are keeping physical distance for the common good, let us find creative ways to tend to your ceremonial and communal needs, which are especially important in any time of upheaval.

I am a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, writer, spiritual director, and retreat leader. In all I do, I see ceremony and ritual as being an important part of a meaningful life. I am a deep, intuitive listener who loves to hear and hold life stories as I accompany people on their journey through the varied path of each life. It is a joy to create ceremonies and rituals that honor a person’s individual story embedded in community and traditions, both new and time-honored.

Soul Song Ceremonies is inclusive; it is my joy and honor to serve BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and military individuals and families.

My husband and I live in Eastern North Carolina with our dog Fozzie Bear where we love the community and the relative nearness of the ocean. I enjoy camping, hiking, reading mysteries, and having coffee with friends. Find out more here.

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I am an alum of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute.